Well, I certainly seem to have opened a can of worms with this one…!

As a young child starting primary school, we had to attend compulsory classes on what was called “Scripture”, which later became “Religious Instruction”. It was a normal Government school, not one under the banner of any particular religion. The teachings then said you had to pray with hands together and fingers steepled, the reason being that your words went into your hands and up through your fingers to God sitting on his big throne in the sky. Simplistic, satisfactory for an unquestioning child.

I also figured out at the same time that God had a big instrument panel on his throne and when he pressed a button, thunder happened – another button, lightning – yet another, rain – and so on. Later in life I became a meteorologist and learnt the physics and processes behind these phenomena, but the essence I guess is probably much the same as my childhood comprehension.

Come later primary school, I had more questions than answers – I still do. I attended church with my family and parents and dared to open my eyes during the prayer sessions. I was not struck by lightning (perhaps God’s button wasn’t working), but I noticed some people were on their knees, some with the customary steepled fingers, others had fingers crossed, my father had his head in his hand with a finger over his nose – heaven knows what that meant! Yet others in the back had their heads laid back and were catching up on lost sleep from their Saturday night revelries.

Then came secondary school, and conventional religious instruction for me took off its lamb costume to show the wolf beneath. Prayer was a necessary part of supplication, of pleading for forgiveness, of being unworthy and lesser-than. I was told that the prayer position came from holding your hands in preparation for being shackled or bound. I started recognizing hypocrisy and inconsistencies. I also started hearing voices, kind voices, voices of reason. I started seeing people, kind people, people of reason. I became a healer. One of my enduring visions at this teenage time was of a pair of radiant blue hands in the same attitude of prayer from my young childhood. I still see it now as clearly as I did then, for I know this is home and that hands do far more than just convey words to a higher authority.

I found in my later teens that sick animals and people responded amazingly well after gently holding them, wounds healed quickly, crying children calmed and went to sleep. In my more recent years, I have become a Reiki master and have learnt a little about Qi Gong, and I understand that incredible energy, frequency - and love - can be transmitted through the hands.

Back to my question about why we were taught to hold our hands together in prayer… Apart from the practice being able to stop impressionable young children these days from playing on their phones during scripture classes, my naughty child’s eye pictures one of these charismatic churches with hundreds of people all waving their hands around, each hand emitting the equivalent of laser beams. It would be like a battle scene from Star Wars, no wonder the organ goes out of tune!

More seriously though, my own understanding now is that we can be, and are, channels of the purest light from Source. We need to respect that light, and know that our obligation as custodians of this little planet is to look after it and all its citizens and creatures by using that light for the greater good for all. We can do this by focusing that light through our hands, and our hearts, to wherever we feel guided in our intent.

With much love, light and profound blessings to you all.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     © Kim Bright,  March 2019

On the morning of 30 June 1908 there was a bit of an explosion near the Tunguska River in Russia. The explosion over the sparsely populated Eastern Siberian Taiga flattened 2,000 square kilometres of forest, yet fortunately caused no known human casualties. The evidence of the explosion is still there, with flattened trees radiating from a central focal point of a probable small asteroid or meteorite approximately 40metres in diameter disintegrating in the atmosphere.

On the morning of 15 February 2013, there was a bit of an explosion near Chelyabinsk in the southern Ural region of Russia. There were over 7,200 damaged buildings, a collapsed factory roof, shattered windows and 1,491 injuries from the explosion of this meteorite half the size of the above, only 105 years later.

Just imagine what could be the consequences of a Tunguska explosion over California or western Europe… In meditation this morning I was shown the likelihood of this actually happening very soon, with the experts watching space only given 5 hours warning of the impact.

After this rather disturbing revelation and whilst trying not to create alarm and despondency, I found this 2018 article from The Washington Post -

 “One hypothesis (of the Tunguska explosion): It was a Beta Taurid.

The Taurids are meteor showers that occur twice a year, in late June and late October or early November. The June meteors are the Betas. They strike during the day, when sunlight washes out the “shooting stars” that are visible during the night-time meteor shower later in the year.

A new calculation by Mark Boslough, a physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, shows that the tree-fall pattern in Siberia is consistent with an asteroid coming from the same area in the sky as the Taurid meteor swarm. Boslough and physicist Peter Brown of Western University in London, Ontario, gave a presentation at the American Geophysical Union fall meeting in Washington this month in which they called for a special observation campaign this June to search for Tunguska-class or larger objects embedded in the Taurids.

Some years, Earth passes near the densest cluster of material in the Taurid stream — and 2019 will be such a year. The scientists say it presents potentially the richest batch of incoming material since 1975, when seismometers left on the moon by Apollo astronauts recorded a spike in impacts during the Taurid swarm.

“If the Tunguska object was a member of a Beta Taurid stream … then the last week of June 2019 will be the next occasion with a high probability for Tunguska-like collisions or near misses,” their AGU presentation stated.

“While we are not predicting another Tunguska airburst, an enhanced population of small NEOs [near-Earth objects] in the Beta Taurids would increase the probability of another such event on or near next year’s Tunguska anniversary,” they concluded.

To be clear, no one is saying that June should be declared National Wear a Helmet Month. Even if there is an “enhanced” number of Tunguska-class objects in the Taurid stream, the probability of one hitting Earth remains very low. Space rocks rarely come even as close as our moon.

Experts have a simple explanation for this: Space is big. It’s so much easier to miss the Earth than to hit it. Of course, it can happen, and it did in 2013, when an object smaller than the Tunguska impactor slammed into the atmosphere in Russia near the city of Chelyabinsk, creating a fireball and a shock wave that shattered windows and injured more than 1,000 people.”

So – if we are to believe the experts, it seems improbable we will be impacted by an interstellar projectile of dinosaur-eliminating proportions. They are careful, however, not to discount the possibility. After all, how many big rocks would it take to annihilate much of mankind?

 There have been plans mooted to protect the planet from such an event. The Hollywood way is to launch a nuclear missile, blow up the incoming offender and everyone can live happily ever after with only a few obligatory cosmetic cuts and bruises. However – how much can be done if we only have 5 hours to act? And what would Russia or Korea really think if the USA were to launch a huge nuclear missile into space towards them, or vice-versa?

In earlier blogs  and musings, I have rambled on about the Schumann Resonance and its synchronicity with our own brain frequencies. We have learnt about Nikola Tesla’s research into the effect of frequencies and wave forms.

I have absolutely no doubt that our own thoughts and intentions can have a remarkable effect upon the subject of our thinking. Multiply the power of the mind by several billion people, focused on a specific target or issue, and you get an immediate, immense counter-frequency that could well combine with the Schumann Resonance in preventing the impact of a small asteroid, or at least in diverting it.

 Perhaps this is what “faith moving mountains” is all about. I sit here in my mastership to empower mankind into its enlightened evolution and survival. I encourage each and every citizen of the planet to do the same.

We have only one Earth. It is time we all worked together to look after it.

 Blessings and Namaste.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ©  Kim Bright , June2019

Homeostasis is defined as – “the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements, especially as maintained by physiological processes.” My training as a natural therapist has always focused on helping the body obtain this balance in order to be able to maximise its potential.

This rather flies in the face of the “no pain, no gain” belief where in order to progress, the body must undergo some form of stress or trauma. It has recently been reported that many people, particularly kids, are developing a horn or bony growth at the back of the head. This has led to the conjecture that this is due to the tendency nowadays to constantly bend the head forward while using hand-held devices such as mobile phones, tablets and game consoles – the “texter’s neck” often having to be addressed by physical therapists.

Studies have found that even tilting the head forward by 10 degrees can add up to 10 kilograms of loading to the spine. That is the equivalent of an adult-sized bowling ball. At 60 degrees tilt the spine must cope with an additional 30 kilograms – the equivalent of carrying an 8-year old child on your head! No wonder then that people grow horns at the back of the head as an anchor for the additional neck muscle necessary to cope with the loading.

This shows the wonderful adaptability of the human body to cope with changing environmental conditions. It is programmed, not to chaos as the theory of entropy dictates, but towards survival. This is evolution at work, and is designed pretty much to keep humanity on the planet.

This seems, on paper at least, to be a great idea. Except for the accompanying pain, discomfort and distortion that goes together with the changing environmental conditions. My gut instinct as a healer and therapist argues against this model of evolution, and makes me question into what we are evolving. As we become increasingly hunched, perhaps it is only a matter of time before we regress to rejoin our simian cousins in the jungle (that is, if we leave any jungle uncleared).

The principles of Zen, of Yin and Yang, and other Eastern philosophies have been around largely unchanged for thousands of years. Our technology however changes daily. Perhaps, as I firmly believe, true evolution is not about adapting our bodies but about developing our minds and souls. Perhaps homeostasis is the essential ingredient to allowing the body to gently fade into lesser significance and to welcome our entry into a more positive form of longevity. Maybe we should be focusing more on Zen than on a display screen.

As civilisation continues to evolve, we do seem to be concentrating on the body part of a trilogy and increasingly ignoring the mind and spirit. I am not advocating we should all down tools and literally head for the hills to join mysterious gurus and chant in a smoky cave somewhere. I do however feel we would all benefit for a more balanced approach to healthy living in body, mind and spirit, for these elements are all interconnected.

Freddie Mercury and Queen rocked the world with their 1986 hit “Who Wants To Live Forever”. It is just as popular now 33 years later. Maybe we can’t physically live forever, but we can certainly live better by paying more attention to the esoteric. Our minds and souls deserve it, for they are the elements that will indeed be around forever.

 Blessings and Namaste.

                                                                                                                                                 ©  KIM BRIGHT, June 2019

Here we are already well into 2019 - we must be dancing the Time Warp!

Welcome to our Musings for this year, where we put forward our perspective into matters of the mind, the universe, and everything in between... 

I had an interesting experience earlier this afternoon, one of those out-of-body things that sometimes happen when you’re relaxed and safe. I had had a remedial massage in the morning, and soon after getting home started fading as is my norm. Taking to my bed I soon fell into a deep sleep.

Whether a dream or alternate reality, I remember clearly and distinctly being with my beloved wife and meeting in the etheric one of our teachers whose presence exuded peace and tranquillity. I felt not in awe but was made to feel an equal.

She talked to us at some length about wisdom and knowledge, and explained that the wisdom of any teacher must be disassembled into its components of knowledge and experience for it to be understood and assimilated by the student. The student must then take that knowledge and meld it with his/her own experiences in order to process it as their own wisdom. The wisdom of both teacher and student may therefore be quite different, yet are based upon the identical building blocks of truth and no less relevant to the universe. Both forms of wisdom are then absorbed into the repository of cosmic consciousness.

She then showed me the most exquisite creature, a combination of hummingbird and kingfisher, whose iridescence was absolutely stunning. Looking closer, I could see the perfection in every feather, in every filament of every feather, and in every cell making up those filaments. I was shown the almost microscopic version of the same bird, and understood I was viewing it from further away yet the perfection was still there as it was in the myriad of similar creatures surrounding us.

I understood then we are all perfection in our own way, all equally relevant to the universe no matter how small and insignificant we may feel. I realised the incredible fractal nature of creation. With that, our teacher cried, for she realised we understood and she could now move further into the infinite.

I have always been fascinated by fractals. They may be defined as “never-ending patterns, infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales and created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop.” They do not have to be identical, yet their pattern reflects a perfection in symmetry. Think of the perfection in a snowflake, or a fern, or the filigree of fine lace, the head of a sunflower, a lightning bolt – fractals are everywhere, in nature, in music, in mathematics, and in ourselves. We are all fractals, parts of the whole yet encompassing a universe within ourselves too.

It is within our power, our ability and in our programming to perpetuate the fractal universe from infinity and back to infinity, imparting into the pattern our own experience and magic – let us embrace that responsibility with our own knowledge and wisdom, and integrity that is deserving of this perfection.

 Blessings and Namaste.

© KIM BRIGHT, August 2019