Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients

"Dear Katherine and Kim,
I was just thinking over the past year and how far I have come since moving to Port Macquarie (just over a year ago!)
I want to thank you both and acknowledge the healing and help I have experienced through the gifts and wisdom you both share.
Wishing you both abundance, love and peace in gratitude"
- Natalie Hopwood, Port Macquarie, Australia

“Dearest Katherine and Kim,
You two are the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to meet! Thank you both so very much for the most incredible Sunday – Saturday too- I enjoyed the Saturday morning, not really the afternoon but I feel that probably had to happen for me to be able to move forward again.
I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful help, support and friendship, I feel I am now well on the way to getting my life back on track, and am looking forward to a long and happy future with my darling Allan and our most precious family…..
Lots of love and light always"
- Judy Nash, Hobart, Tasmania

"On a Friday morning I had a fall in the garden and smashed my face on the tiles. I saw Kim on Saturday afternoon; he saw that my left shoulder, neck and spine were out of alignment from the fall and also pressing on the nerve in my left elbow which made movement very difficult. After one visit during which he gently realigned shoulder spine and neck, I felt like my fall was a distant memory. My friends who saw me didn't believe I had even had a fall. He is the most amazing healer and I am so thankful that he and Katherine live in Port Macquarie and are able to share their wonderful gifts of healing and positivity with the people in this town."
 - Sylvia Scott, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

"Thanks Katherine and Kim - you have certainly helped in my amazing recovery!! xox"
 - Mary Ryan, Bonny Hills, NSW, Australia

"Thank you Katherine and Kim for 3 life transforming days of healing and growth intermingled with loads of fun and laughter. I came away from the retreat feeling restored and transformed and so grateful to be a part of this incredible network. Your skill, integrity and dedication to this work is so inspiring to me and has reminded me how easy life can be if you just let go and hold a space for better things, trusting that Creator knows what to do. This is the tune up that I needed – thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kim is a highly skilled facilitator of Theta Resonance at All Levels who brings a unique blend of compassion and humour to his work. As a man working in this space, he brings a new perspective and energy to the field but with a gentleness that is incredibly comforting and nurturing. His skill set spans Bowen Therapy, Muscular Synergy, Reiki and even Qi Gong – he really knows his stuff!  I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a skilled practitioner of healing work done with integrity and compassion."
-  Yolande A, Melbourne, Australia  June 2016

"Having a healing with Kim is like getting a big warm hug. He nurtures you in a way that you always feel inspired, strong and ready to face life with a renewed energy. He helps you deal with the big and small issues you are having in your life, all with loads of compassion, love, grace and a wonderful sense of humour.  His "Dad" jokes are the best and my favourite jokes. Thank you Kim for all the love and light you are in this universe."

- Jane G, Bundaberg, Australia     May 2016

"Thank you Kim for the amazing healing and energy work I have had with you - wonderful!"

- Carla Davis, Port Macquarie, Australia   May 2016

"Kim is an amazing facilitator of Theta Resonance At All Levels. Accurate, compassionate, enlightening. I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Kim to anybody."

- Sue Lewis, Port Macquarie, Australia     May 2016

" Thank you Kim. Your healing sessions are incredible, your wisdom is such a grounding experience. The guidance coming through from Creator has helped change my life. Highly recommended to friends and family."

​- Kathryn Reardon, Port Macquarie, Australia     May 2016

"In the past two years I have suffered from chronic head pain consisting of nerve pain pulses at the right side of my head, along with head pressure and varying constant sensations which led me to be bed-ridden or unable to do basics things like drive a vehicle and daily activities.   I haven’t been able to run for the past two years.   My life was severely affected by the daily chronic pain and other symptoms.
During the past two years I had various medications which were unsuccessful, numerous CT scans, MRI’s and seen specialists with no result to the pain and no relief.   I was also receiving regular specialist therapy for my cervical spine to assist with the nerve pain in my head.   Although this helped a bit it wasn’t successful in curing the extensive pain or eliminating the ongoing problems.
This then resulted in my desperate search for an alternative medicine and or therapy that would help me with the pain.   I wasn’t expecting any miracles and in fact had resigned myself to the fact that I would be like this for the rest of my life.
I had my first consultation with Kim Bright, and slowly started to feel different and then after subsequent sessions began to notice changes in my symptoms and in my overall health.   The pain I had in my hip that I had also been unable to resolve through the doctors had begun to disappear and my body started to feel more aligned and I noticed my digestive system seemed to feel better and other internal parts started to work better as well.    My left shoulder was properly aligned with my right for the first time in my life and has stayed this way.
Prior to our sessions, I felt blocked both physically and emotionally.   For some reason beyond my understanding since receiving your treatment, I am feeling better every day and can only contribute this to the Bowen Therapy.  
It has been amazing that a treatment that is so non-invasive has had such a huge impact on my health and wellbeing and I believe it has returned me to a better state of health than I have felt in the past two years.
I have found Bowen Therapy has not only worked effectively on my body but my overall health, and I am still surprised at how it continues to work on my mind and body and alter or eliminate the intensity of these symptoms.
I am so glad I found you and found Bowen Therapy - it has literally given me hope for my future and helped me find a treatment to help me with my symptoms.
Thank you so much for giving me the ability to live a normal life, look after my children and function as a person.
I am hopeful that the health improvements will continue and that I will keep on feeling and seeing this well into the future."
- Charmain Woods, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

"I have osteo-arthritis in my spine which presses on my sciatic nerve and causes debilitating pain in my right thigh and down the back of my right leg. The rheumatologist told me to exercise and take anti-inflammatories. A chiropractor could not help me, nor could a Pilates practitioner. I went to see Kim Bright as I was getting to the stage where I couldn't stand or walk for long periods. He worked gently on my sciatic nerve using Bowen Technique and I am happy to say I can now carry on my life as normal. I would thoroughly recommend Kim and Bowen therapy.

For over 6 weeks I contracted a virus which, apart for giving me an irritating cough, left me with a very itchy rash over my arms and chest. The doctors gave me cortisone cream and tablets which cleared it in the short term, but it soon came back. I made an appointment with Kim Bright in which he was able to discern that my body had a great deal of heavy metals, including zinc and copper. Whether or not the virus had made me more vulnerable is unknown. He cleared my body of the heavy metals and I am now drinking filtered water in case the metals come from my domestic water supply. My rash has now totally gone and I am able to sleep once more - thank goodness and thank you Kim!"
- Sylvia Scott, Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia

"I would like to say a big heartfelt thank you to Kim for his healing work with our much loved dog - Pooky. In a nutshell, what Kim did for Pooky and our family is nothing short of a miracle.

3 months ago Pooky, a 13 year old Silky terrier, was diagnosed with cancer (of multiple organs, including brain and mouth) after having seizures. Although there is no cure for age, we sought out the healing power of Kim to make Pooky's journey as peaceful and painless as possible, and we were so happy to have done that! 

The reason I am writing this testimonial is because we were amazed at the results. For example, during the initial healing session Kim was able to help Pooky understand that the family had to go away for 3 days and that he would need to board in a hospital. On the way to the vet, Pooky sat in the car peacefully, almost knowingly and displayed no signs of anxiety at the facility. This may sound like no big deal, but only it is, because every single time Pooky goes for a car ride he stresses out completely. We have never seen him so calm in 13 years, riding inside a car and sitting quietly at a boarding facility. All the family members witnessed this radical change of behaviour and there could have been only one explanation - Kim's work with Pooky a few days prior.

After 2 months, the cancer started to get the better of Pooky and he lost all sight. Understandably he was very anxious and distressed. Again, we called Kim to help us communicate to Pooky what was happening to his body and to send him healing energy. And, not surprisingly it worked again. As the healing was taking place, I got a message from my family saying that Pooky is walking and eating (despite not doing that over the last 2 days). Kim also saw that broccoli was going to be a very useful food for him at this time. Initially I could not believe it, because over the years Pooky refused anything but his “Shmackos” meat and rice. However, when we tried to give him broccoli, he swallowed the whole lot! Again, we could not believe it! The broccoli was very helpful in reducing the swelling in his belly due to his anti-seizure medications.

Kim not only worked with Pooky, but he also sent the family healing energy that we absorbed like a sponge. This transition is difficult for any doggie parents, and it helped us come to terms with the situation and heal ourselves. At the time of writing, Pooky is going strong. He is not in pain and is not anxious and we give credit to the fantastic work Kim has done for him and us. 

I highly recommend reaching out to Kim. Although energy work is not always tangible, we did see significant changes to the quality of Pooky's life - and that to us is priceless.
Thank you Kim" 
- Darya Boukata, Bondi, New South Wales, Australia

"I have been working with both Katherine and Kim for some time now. More recently issues that have needed clearing have required Kim's mastership. I have enjoyed working with him immensely. His clarity of vision and explanation of the issue(s) at hand have been enlightening and illuminating. Kim has also gone out of his way to assist me with 'emergencies' on more than one occasion and for this I am most grateful. His work with and in spirit has allowed me to move forward personally feeling empowered and with a renewed sense of vision. Thank you Kim, you are wonderful!!"
- Kathryn Meldrum, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

"Kim Bright is an amazing Bowen Therapist, achieving great results with every treatment. I have been seeing Kim for Bowen Therapy for some time now and I am amazed at the results. Bowen is such a gentle therapy with profound outcomes. Kim is a very professional therapist with a calm and gentle nature. He listens carefully and aims to achieve the best results for you as a client. 
I highly recommend Kim as I have been able to make life changing decisions as a result of this therapy with him."
- Kathryn Reardon, Port Macquarie, New South Wales Australia

"Kim Bright is a gifted healer whose love and compassion for humanity and the greater good is truly limitless. I am very appreciative of Kim's compassion and ability to provide divine guidance and healing to areas of my life which had laid dormant and hidden from my consciousness. Working with Kim is truly a wonderful experience. My wish is for everyone to have the chance to receive a healing from him so that you and humanity will benefit."
- Evonne Grosso, Melbourne, Victoria Australia

"My thanks for Friday evening's session. I have experienced some major shifts - most of them immediate and all for the good. The areas we worked on were clearly exactly what was needed!"
- Tony Arnold, Brisbane, Queensland Australia

"Thank you so much for being part of my life for the past 2 years. Through doing your workshops and having healings with both of you, I now have the tools to enable me to live life instead of just getting through each day. My eyes and heart are now open to the wonders of the universe and I can truly look forward to whatever life holds for me with peace, joy and loads of love in my heart. What a gift you have given me. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place to be."
- Jane G, Bundaberg, Queensland Australia

"I would just like to give you some feedback on the healing I had with Kim. I had I believe my hips re-aligned, they were sore and burning and also my lower back. This continued until the next day, it felt as if a board had been inserted to hold my ilium together (perhaps something to do with centre of gravity). I also felt as if I had minor surgery done (under local) on my left cheek, high up on the cheekbone - I actually went to the mirror and expected to see something coming out, but did not see anything so I have no idea what that could have been. I did end up with a red blotch on the bridge of my nose, it was gone within 2 days. I have felt emotionally stronger and have been able to easier voice my thoughts in a manner that is heard by others, and feel joy that I haven't allowed in a long time - I'm talking belly laughs galore. Thank you so much for taking the time with me, and thank you for sending me the course material, I will do my best to attend. A million thanks and all the kindest thoughts and safe journey."
- Jenny K, Maryborough, Queensland Australia

"Kim is a wonderful healer who often surprises me with his profound insight and skill. I have found his healings to be precise and deeply effective. His words often come back to me at later moments when I am in need of guidance. I always feel the truth in his words and clear connection with Creator, and have made so many positive life changes based on his advice."

- Angeline Meloche, Byron Bay, Australia     May 2016

"Thanks Katherine and Kim - you have certainly helped in my amazing recovery!! xox"
 - Mary Ryan, Bonny Hills, NSW, Australia